Frequently Asked Questions

What's SPF?
SPF is short for Sun Protection Factor. This helps measure how well your sunblock can protect you from the sun’s UVB rays.
Can I use Beach Hut for other activities besides swimming?
Why of course! You can only have maximum fun under the sun once you are fully protected! Be sure to pile on sunblock 15-20 minutes before direct sun exposure.
How often should I apply Beach Hut sunblock?
Vigorous water activity, excessive sweating, towel drying, and prolonged sun exposure can wash away sunblock. For best results, it's best to re-apply sunblock every 2 hours.
Is it safe to use on my face?
Yes, all Beach Hut sunblock products are tested hypoallergenic. Specifically for the face, we have BH Face SPF 65 which is safe to use on sensitive skin.
Where can I buy? Can I order online?
You can buy Beach Hut products in leading supermarkets and department stores. You can also order online through Lazada, Shopee and Beauty MNL.
Should I get the spray or the lotion?
It’s more about preference than potency really! Beach Hut is confident that all of its beach products—whether spray or lotion—will be effective in protecting you from the harsh UV rays. Of course, there are some added options. If you want a cooler experience when the heat of the summer spikes, try beach Hut Max 100 Ice Summer Aerosol. It’s what you need to cool you off better than the beach can!
Why get Beertensifier?
Ever look at beer and thought, “Hey, this is such a nice color. Shame I can’t get this same glow.” Well, Beertensifier puts the “intense” in tanning (yes, “intense” is there, if you jumble it up). If you want to go bronze, go with a solution that's SPF 0. Best of all, it’s brewed with real beer! And you thought there was no other way to mix beach and beer and get results this good.
Is Beach Hut eco-friendly/reef-safe?
Yes! One of our missions is to make the environment a little better with every product. We do this with Beach Hut Max 100, which is oxybenzone-free, so you can swim away and not feel guilty of leaving harmful lotion trails in the ocean.

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