DIY Beach Cocktail Kit: Beach-to-Go Let Us Bring the Beach Vibe to You!

For us beach bums, we’re always on the lookout for the next high and adventure, and this has been especially amplified since lockdowns were implemented.  We’ve been left to our own DIY ideas and recipes at home in making sure we still get our weekly (if not daily) dose of Maximum Fun and we sure as hell did not hold back in keeping things Beach-Hut-Creative!

The Beach Hut team’s got around to mixing up a few concoctions with the Philippines’ first Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition Champion, Richie Cruz! Though the beach destinations may feel far away, Beach Hut’s here to bring the beach feels to you! The waves, the playlists, but more importantly, all the ingredients you need for the cocktails. 

Introducing Beach Hut DIY Beach Cocktail Kit— Whether you’re up for reminiscing a day drinking experience near the shore or the beach parties we miss way too much, here’s the beach experience in store for you:  

  1. Margarita Mix

Thinking of the margarita mix you had that one fun day at the beach? We’ve recreated a similar mix just for you! Our Beach Margarita Mix is made up of tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup! Our partner bartender, Cruz, made sure that it’s reminiscent of beach vibes. May it be the memories you had in La Union or Boracay, it’s guaranteed to hit the beach nostalgia spot. It comes in 500mL of fun tequila goodness — just enough to make five drinks, may it be for five different people or all yours!  

  1. Three different syrups, three different garnishes for three different mixes!

Our three different syrups come in mango, blue curacao, and hibiscus. Add in garnish of your choice! Ideally mango fruits for (you guessed it!) mango, lemon goes with the blue curacao, and orange for the hibiscus. But how you want to go about these garnishes is up to you, it’s a DIY kit after all!

 See our serving suggestions below:

Our Mango mix, refreshing and reminiscent of a day-drinking memory and easy to achieve!

Blue curacao is one to remind us of  those wild beach nights. We suggest shots of this with some party music!

 Our Hibiscus mix is one for your Instagram flatlay, a beach vibe very easy to achieve!

  1. FREE Beach Hut Max 100 Lotion!

Whether it’s something you need for an outdoor day drinking session or for your next beach trip, our Oxybenzone-Free Beach Hut Max 100 Lotion’s got you covered! Our sunscreen will definitely add to the beach feels. Imagine: inhaling the faint hint of sunscreen that signals a beach trip, complete with beach music and your cocktails!

  1. The sound of the waves 

When you open our DIY kit, you can practically hear the beach waves… after scanning the QR Code. Because we totally understand what it’s like to miss the sound of the waves this quarantine, we’re bringing the sound of the waves to you too. We filmed this Beach ASMR ourselves, here’s a photo teaser: 

You can check out our new normal adventure in Boracay here too! 

  1. Beach Playlists

We prepared two playlists to complete your beach at home experience. Depending on your mood – go ahead and indulge in these playlists! We’d love to paste the links to our awesome playlists here but we’d much rather have you purchase a DIY Beach Cocktail Kit first. *wink*

We’ve prepared everything you need for some beach drinking vibin’! Making the drinks ourselves and experimenting on tastes outside of our suggestions make it even more fun. All you need to prepare is some ice, a stirrer, and glasses (we recommend going for glasses that would look cute in an artsy shot so our garnishes would look even fancier on your Instagram story)!  

With our DIY Beach Cocktail Kit, the beach doesn’t have to feel so far away. After all, if there’s one thing we realized in the lockdown, Beach-ing is a state of mind and we’re here to make it a reality!

Time for some margaritas beach bums! Five servings you can share with some co-beach bums also missing the beach, or hey, if all five servings are yours all we can say is, bottoms up! Click here to order your Beach-to-go!

From your resident Beach Bum, 

Gel Albino


P.S. Don’t forget to tag us on your photos!