Flying in the New Normal: The Airport Fresh Out of Lockdown

Flight booked, bags packed and IG-pegs ready. If it was 2019, you’ll be breezing through the airport, knowing what to expect even with your eyes closed. But traveling in 2020 is different! You might’ve been wondering about the new protocols at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) during this pandemic, but worry-not, the extra precautions taken will ensure your safety and of course, your maximum fun when you get to your beach destination!

When you enter the airport, you present your boarding pass, negative swab test results, valid ID, and your temperature is taken. A face mask and face shield is a must! But no worries, there are no protocols for your outfit, so whether you’re comfortable flying in a dress or a full range PPE set, the rest of your airport look is entirely up to you! (Check out our top picks for your next #BeachOOTDs here)

This will probably be you but THINK! The beach, the B E A C H at the end of the airport-hassle-tunnel will make it worth it.

Not everything is a 360-degree change in the new normal! Self check-in kiosks are still available, physical distancing is just always a requirement. Floors are marked with spots where you can stand and wait in line to ensure these. When checking in your luggage, you need to present your Health Declaration Card and flight booking. All airline counters are equipped with protective shields so contact involved in the presentation of documents are as limited as possible. 

When waiting in line, passengers are required to physically distance and stand only on the red circles
Check-in counters all have protective transparent barriers to limit contact when presenting documents

PRO-TIP! With all these additional documents and the slow turnover due to physical distancing, we do recommend arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your (local) flight. The last thing we need is a marathon to our boarding gate in our face shield and face mask!