Heads up, Beach Bums! Travel ban is LIFTED Starting Oct 21, 2020!

After almost 7 months of lockdown or in our terms, no IG travel posts, OOTD’s unused, wanderlust unattended to, and almost all of our travel plans cancelled let’s face it, the past 7 months of lockdown was filled with COVID anxiety mixed with this exact feeling:

*itching to travel in case you didn’t get it

But heads up, Beach Bums! No more dreaming indefinitely on when your next beach trip will be because the Philippines is officially lifting its ban for non-essential travel starting today, October 21, 2020! 

Maximum fun should now come with maximum safety. We compiled the requirements you need to take note of before you fly out!

  1. You must have an antigen swab test taken, 24 hours prior to your trip. Fingers crossed beach bum, 7 months of lockdown should hopefully get you negative results! 
  1. For international travels, you must have confirmed roundtrip flight details + travel and health insurance for tourist visa holders. Best news is, airlines are celebrating with you in this travel ban lift and have been giving extreme roundtrip price drops!
  1. Those travelling abroad are also required to sign an immigration declaration, recognizing the risks involved in traveling. 
  1. Aside from your travel accommodations, make sure you also have accommodations within Metro Manila for when you return. This will serve as your quarantine facility for when you take another swab test and wait for your results. 
  1. As advised by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for returning overseas Filipinos, one should undergo a swab test and observe a mandatory 14-day quarantine in dedicated isolation facilities.

Now you’re all set! We’ll keep you updated should new rules be brought to our attention. Let us know where you’re headed by tagging @beachhutsunblock in your travel posts! As for us, the ocean’s been calling so we definitely know where we’re going;

Ocean calling and new normal beach essentials ready. The only thing missing from this photo? YOU!