Indoor Exercises for Kids in the New Normal – the Beach Hut Way to Do It!

When it comes to having fun under the sun, the beach wasn’t the only thing robbed from us in this pandemic, outdoor sports also got limited, if not paused. We’re not one to back down though. Just because we can’t kick ball outdoors doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of an indoor workout that can be just as fun! Fun is definitely not limited to just the outdoors and here in Beach Hut Football Club, we take fun seriously – on and off the field. We’ve especially arranged modules and programs for online football training so your kids can maximize fun indoors! 

Beach Hut Football Club

Beach Hut Football Club (BHFC) was founded to pioneer and develop Women’s Football in the country, paving the way for equality and empowering girls to play. With women empowerment comes braving challenges and not allowing a pandemic  stop all the training fun. That’s right, it means continuing to raise women champions no matter what the circumstances are! 

Our modules are segregated by age: 

U8 – 8 years old and below 

U13 – 9-13 years old

U17 – 14 years old and up 

We designed our online modules, for our kids, to be productive, challenging, and just as fun as an outdoor training session! 

Our Coaches

May it be online or in the field, we train with the best coaches in the Philippines. 

Coach Joyce Landagan handles the online training of U13

Coach Pat handles the online training of U17

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What to expect in an online session?

Grab your water bottles, towels, 2-4 objects that can serve as your markers (shoes or dumbbells will do!), journal & pen, and your soccer balls for our 1-hour Zoom session. If you prefer to do our online training outdoors, don’t forget to slather on some sun protection too! 

Here’s what to expect per online session. 

  1. Warm up and get ready for Maximum Fun!

Our training sessions start off with a quick warm up to get your body moving and ready for the activities to come. Our very own coaches recognize warm ups as a vital part of training; just because we’re off the field, doesn’t mean we get to skip this part! According to Coach Joyce (U13), “Warming up before training (workout) is important in gradually preparing not only the body for the movements but also the minds of the players to do the physical and mental demands of the training and prevent injuries.” 

  1. Ball Mastery and Skills Training

The training sessions consist of drills for ball mastery and skills. Given that the session only lasts for 1 hour, these drills are conducted at a fast pace to ensure that the entire session is maximized!

BHFC’s version of Maximum Fun in the new normal!

No worries though! In order to keep our players active and alert, the drills we do per session are not repetitive. As detailed by Althea Simtoco, one of our BHFC members (U17), “…I think that it (online sessions) was a really good idea as it allows us to continue to be active together as a team while we are in our own homes. I like that we have something new or different to do in every session so it’s not super repetitive.” 

You can check out this video to get a better glimpse of the type of drills done in our online sessions. 

  1. Cool Down: Core Workouts

After an hour-long of training, we wrap up our activities with core workouts and cool down sessions. Our online modules go beyond just sweating, exercise, and training our kids physically. The online modules train them mentally as well. One of our BHFC members, Martina Torres (U17) shares, “…With the limited equipment I have at home, I use shoes, jugs, dumbbells, and a lot of other things you could possibly think of for my markers! Also, if I don’t have a partner to do passing drills with, I would use a wall! These little things taught me to make the most out of everything I have. Also, given that there are so many distractions at home compared to normal trainings on the pitch, I learned how to fully focus and do my best in every workout.” 

  1. Face to Face Sessions

BHFC now offers face to face sessions too. This is possible via special arrangement on an agreed upon time on a Saturday. Players can avail of this as long as they provide the training space for the session! You may contact Jessica Afan ( at 09454398726  to arrange a schedule

Join us as we continue to train to be the best when we get back on the field! We totally agree with what Reena Balajadia (U13) has to say about online trainings, “The importance of having training during this pandemic is to be healthy and active while being at home…When we get back on the field, the team will still remember how to play and we will be a step forward from our opponents because we trained during this pandemic. Exercise also helps us to boost our immune system to fight the virus!” 

Training from home is way more fun when done together. You get to focus much more on warm-ups, ball mastery and skills training, and sweat off all the quarantine calories while having Maximum Fun the only way we know how – the Beach Hut way to do it! 

From your resident Beach Bum (yes beach bums do sports too!), 

Gel Albino