#LongTimeNoSea – A Glimpse of Boracay’s White Beach in the New Normal

Just like you, we had a gazillion questions on how the beach probably looks like in the new normal. So as soon as we got news that Boracay Island is open to local tourists, we immediately booked a flight (which are in extreme price drops by the way!), hopped on a plane, and flew straight to Boracay Island to see for ourselves! 

Here’s what we can say, the whole stretch of the White Beach? ALL YOURS. 



This is not a drill, photos aren’t grabbed from the internet, we took them ourselves last October 11, 2020!

With only a handful of restaurants and bars open in its first few weeks of accepting tourists (we’ll keep you posted on this soon!), there are also just a handful of beachgoers to share the white sand with.1 So yes! No more awkward angling of photos so you can block photobombers in your beach photoshoots. All you need is the beach, sun protection, beach OOTDS, and IG pegs. 

1According to the Department of Tourism, Pre-COVID, tourist arrivals in Boracay per day would amount to approximately 5,600. Now, since Boracay’s opening last October 1, 2020 average tourists per day are now only at 38. 

Of course, we know how to have fun at the beach and still stay safe. No worries, beach bums! Beach guards are still stationed throughout the wide stretch to remind tourists to wear face masks while strolling the beach and before diving in, everyone is required to sign-up and take a temperature check.

With these safety protocols in place and the beach all yours for the taking — we’re not kidding, the best time to fly back to Boracay Island and chase the sun is definitely NOW. 

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