Two Bottles Only! — Boracay’s New Normal Nightlife in 2020

Pre-COVID, Boracay Island was the top destination not just for its beaches being the very definition of paradise, but also the restos that allowed a little booze during the day and bars that served as the cherry on top for a nightlife that completed a Boracay beach day experience.

Epic, White House, Nigi-Nigi, just some of our go-to spots for good drinks and a good time! But a nightlife this crowded? 

Maybe someday again but definitely not in Boracay’s first month of opening fresh from a COVID lockdown. 

But no worries, beach bums! The nightlife isn’t completely gone this 2020, a few protocols are just in place. 

  1. Before planning your day in Boracay, you have to take note, curfew is at 11PM!
Beach guards stationed at the white beach

Yes, this means you need to be back in your hotel by 11PM and at the same time YES, this also means you can continue drinking in the comforts of your room! We recommend buying a few bottles before heading back or why not pack a DIY Beach Cocktail Kit before your flight?  

2. Each customer is only allowed 2 servings of alcohol!

This is to steer away from possible drunkies who can’t control themselves resulting in need for assistance hence, no physical distancing. But hey, if you’re one with a high tolerance for alcohol, the next bar you hop to couldn’t have possibly taken note of the first 2 you had, right? 

BomBom Bar Station II offers buy 1 get 1 cocktails
Lemon Cafe DMall offers buy 1 get 1 cocktails as well, even during the day!
No limit on these BEERtensifiers though! WARNING: Non-consumable, was just really the perfect time to plug our tanning oils. Carry on! 

3. While rave parties still aren’t allowed in the island, now’s your chance to tone down and enjoy a night in Boracay with good food, drinks, and live music.

BomBom Bar, Station II offers buy 1 get 1 cocktails and live music until 10:30 PM
Paraiso Bar and Grill offers live music and grilled food to cap of a day at the beach

We saw for ourselves the nightlife on its second week of opening fresh from COVID lockdown. Should Boracay’s opening proceed smoothly in the coming months, we’re pretty sure even more bars will open. We’ll be sure to keep you beach bums posted!

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