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The Fun Experts!

Beach Hut is the #1 beach sunscreen in the Philippines – made for all kinds of fun under the sun! We provide a variety of sun protection products that are non-sticky, moisturizing, and light on the skin. Perfect for all your fun beach getaways.

Wearing sunscreen when you’re under the sun is an absolute must! Beach Hut products provide maximum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause skin damage, and are made with a non-greasy formula to avoid that oily feeling.

Why We're Made For The Sun

Best for all kinds of fun
under the sun!

We have complete head-to-toe sun protection for all your #BeachHutFun!

For All Skin Types

Our products undergo strict quality testing to ensure you have the best beach experience.

For Anyone and Everyone!

From adventurous kids to thrill-seeking adults, anyone can get their hands on the best sun protection possible.

Every sun care product has been made with everyone in mind. Whether it be beach bums going for a swim on a hot summer day or thrill-seekers waiting for the perfect waves, we made sure that everyone can have fun under the sun with the best sun protection possible.

“I’ve recently made sunblock a part of my skincare routine and love that I’ve found a product that not only aims to protect us but that is made with every intention to save our seas 💚”

- Rachel Peters

“I love the scent and feeling of using Beach Hut Tanning Line on my skin! My essentials for tanning and beach trips!”

- Chelsea Robato

“Beach Hut’s range of sunblock has got me covered for any activity under the sun!”

- Patricia Henson

“I grew up using @beachhutsunblock & I'm very happy that known brands like them have decided to launch a reef safe sunscreen. Finally, they have a sunscreen that is made without oxybenzone and octinoxate, two chemicals that are toxic to our marine life and coral reefs!”

- Cha Ocampo

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Enjoy maximum protection, maximum fun!

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