It’s a Tan over Tan!

Perfect Products for That Gorgeous Beach Glow

What rainy season? The products make you achieve that sun-kissed skin year-round.

         Loving the tanned look means a feisty dedication to chase the sun. Tanning queens and kings have no problem spending hours on end by the shore, baring their skin to receive the sun- kissed skin best achieved through hours and hours of soaking. But even here in the tropics, Mr. Sun isn’t always out to play, especially in monsoon months where it can be bright one hour, and gloomy the next. So the question is, how do you achieve that golden beach tan all year round, and once you’re at it, what kind of fun can you do—literally—under the sun?
           Beach Hut has the answer for question number one, with their line of four tanning products meant to keep year-long tanning easy and achievable anytime you’re at the beach or poolside. 
             Aside from being infused with Vitamin E that protects the skin from damage, Beach Hut Tanning Oil SPF4 is made with coconut and macadamia oil that moisturizes your skin while you tan. Sunbathing often means stripping your skin off of moisture, so the infusion of these ingredients keep your soft skin intact while tanning.
            If you only have limited beach time and want to achieve that golden glow stat, the Beach Hut Tanning Oil SPF0 is made with premium Moroccan argan oil, known to get you that tan in the shortest amount of time. What’s more, the argan oil works its powers by giving you that dewy, moisturized look for that fresh-off-the-beach glow.
              For those new to the art of tanning who only want a touch of pigment on their skin, consider the Beach Hut Tanning Water SPF4–the line’s lightest tanning product due to its water-based formula. 
              And for those who live for having beer by the beach, the perfect caramel tan can be yours with the Beach Hut Beertensifier Tanning Oil SPF0, made with real beer extracts widely known to help achieve that coffee-colored tan.
             Now the question is, aside from turning 90 degrees every few minutes, what else can you do while tanning under the sun? Since staying put is ideal to achieve an even tan, our main recommendation is to stay productive and distracted while baking—catching up on a book you’ve always wanted to read, marathoning the podcasts you’ve accumulated, or getting yourself started on a language class via the Duolingo app are great ways to pass the time. An even tan can only be achieved with ample exposure to the sun, so you want to immerse yourself in activities that pass the time without you even noticing. 
             If you came to the beach to chill, then while away the tanning hours with a good drink on hand and watching your favorite TV series, but here are some pro tips: our short attention spans can only get us so far without reaching for our phones, so we recommend keeping it in your beach bag, or setting it on airplane mode for maximum focus. Just remember to set a timer to make sure you evenly tan on each side, and by all means—don’t fall asleep! Nothing is worse than getting a sunburn when it’s a tan you want to achieve. Have a blast tanning!
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